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Lieven De Ridder

Lieven De Ridder aka DJ Aimé Le Chevalier

Founder of Walhalla Records and allround DJ for more than 30 years of experience.

Specialized in music from the 80’s: new wave, cold wave, minimal synth, synth pop, synth wave, dark wave, EBM, gothic, new beat, etc.

Lieven spins with vinyl and can bring back the real spirit of the 80’s, because of his knowledge in this genre, his passion and his mixing skills.

He is available for every new wave or 80’s party in Belgium or abroad and can go very underground if wanted.

For further info and DJ booking, please contact Lieven via the link below or the contact form.

Radio shows

Underground Wave - Radio Galaxie Belgium

Every Tuesday from 10 to 11p.m. and every Friday from 2 to 3 p.m.

Weekly radio show hosted by Aimé Le Chevalier (founder and label manager of Walhalla Records), who focuses on minimal synth and other underground wave genres like new wave, cold wave, synth pop, EBM, industrial, electro, new beat, etc.

He documents the dark side of the country’s output and brings you an obscure selection of his favorite (old and new) minimal synth releases, mainly on vinyl and all perfectly mixed together.

Wave Frequencies - Radio Centraal Antwerp

Every Thursday from 8.30 p.m. till 10 p.m. – 106.7 FM  - streaming Radio Centraal

Weekly radio show hosted by Lieven De Ridder (Aimé Le Chevalier) and Kris Nagels (Cerrone), with Lieven behind the turntables and the mixing desk, Kris behind the microphone.

Tracks are selected by both. They play dark music in which the synthesizer takes a central place.

Underground wave tunes from a distant past but also new releases.

Wave Frequencies is the name, Minimal Synth is the game.