Walhalla Records

Walhalla Records is an independent record label from Belgium founded in 2010 by Lieven De Ridder

It all started when Lieven opened his record store Walhalla Records in the center of Antwerp.

The shop was a paradise for DJ’s and collectors, so the name Walhalla (heaven) was born.

The main purpose of the label is bringing back to life the famous cassette scene of the 80's by releasing ‘Underground Wave’ compilations, that contain mostly tracks only released on tape before.

6 volumes have been released already and there is still plenty of material for future releases. Also artists and groups like Secret Life, Somnambulist, Enzo Kreft, Kloot Per W, Asmodaeus, Arbeid Adelt!, Bene Gesserit, Schicksal, Ton Lebbink and Suicide Commando were released on the label.

2 cold wave and post punk compiIations with only Belgian artists came out: 'V/A - The Whispering Trees' and 'End Of The Corridor'.

In 2013 Walhalla Records joined forces with Starman Records and in 2017 with Cluster-Park (see also contact page), and became its sublabel, which is responsible for the distribution. 

Tracks are also available in digital formats on BANDCAMP!

Contact - order & info


Geemstraat 67/12

9220 Hamme


Tel: + 32 483 37 58 26

e-mail: walhalla.records@telenet.be

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